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  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities shouldrequire every graduation student to take public speaking courses. Give specific examples and details to support your answer.

  As we all know, course settings of universities have always been a focal point of the public attention. Recently, it has become a hotly-debated question that whether or not college students should take compulsory public speaking classes. Some people argue that delivering speech in public can help a student develop an open personality filled with courage. So it is necessary for university students to take this course.

  However, in my opinion, turning public speaking course into a compulsory one can be a terrible decision. My view point is based on the following reasons and examples.

  To begin with, public speaking, as a kind of skill, is actually needed only in certain occupations. A politician or an entertainer may sometimes need to present himself facing a crowd of people, while other people such as engineers and programmers would have no opportunity to use this skill during his career life. For example, one of my schoolmates who is now working in a mobile game company once shared his life with us during our meeting. He needs to spend almost all his working time facing his computer, coding and thinking. With such a heavy workload, only little time was left for him to social with his colleagues and friends. It is obvious that learning how to give an excellent speech in public is useless for him. Therefore, we can see that public speaking isn’t an essential skill needed by people who are responsible for certain kinds of jobs.

  Moreover, requiring students to take public speaking courses doesn’t mean they can successfully get this skill when the class is over. It is universally acknowledged that different individual owns different personality. Some people are naturally open and willing to give their opinion in public. In contrast, others may be shy and inclined to share their thoughts only to a small group of people. When I was still a college student, I took part in a club which gathered a group of young people interested in psychology. Some club members were outgoing and good at social. Due to their nature,jobs related with broadcasting and external connection were usually assigned to them.

  In the club, there were also some students with introvertive personality. They were responsible for some rigorous tasks such as accounting and some strict paperwork.Both groups performed well. If we hand accounting jobs to the outgoing group or force the quiet group social, the operation of our club might turn into a mess. Similarly,if those people who are not open enough are forced to take public speaking course, it might just be a waste of time.

  Admittedly, public speaking course can help develop a personality which is required to be a leader. It is necessary for a leader to deliver a speech full of emotion and appeal to his team members. Take Jack Ma, the boss of Alibaba, as an example. We all know that Jack Ma established Alibaba, an e-commerce company when he was in obscure.

  At that time, he was a college English teacher and usually gave lectures in a class in front of hundreds of adult students. Adequate public teaching experience equipped him with a charming and attractive personality, which might contribute a lot as he recruiting people to set up his e-business. Most people didn’t hold an optimistic attitude towards e-commerce, so I regarded the leadership of Jack Ma himself as a significant factor resulting in the success of their initial team building.

  To conclude, public speaking course is not a necessary one during students’ college years. Not every student actually need this skill. In addition, not all the pupils can become a successful public speaker after such kind of training. Nevertheless, for students who have the ambition to be a leader in his future, taking public speaking course can effectively help him to get an attractive figure.

  2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The competition between friends always has a negative effect on their relationship.

  In the contemporary society full of pressures, rivalry has crept into nearly every area of our life, which has never failed to attract public attention. Given its ubiquitous presence, many people claim that friends will be pulled apart due to the competition.

  However, as far as I am concerned, the above claim has oversimplified the situation. Actually, whether competition between friends usually negatively impacts friendship depends on what kinds of friendship they have established.

  On the one hand, the competition between friends will have no negative effect on genuine friendship without any ulterior objectives. As is common sense, in the genuine friendship based on goodness, friends will always desire the good for each other. As a result, competition between them will be regarded as a good chance to achieve self-improvement and thus enhance mutual respect, which will be the foundation of forming a stronger friendship. Take my own experience as an example.

  Last semester, I and my best friend, Steve, competed for the presidents of the student union. In the course of engaging in the contest, both of us gave our best efforts to make well-prepared work, like writing and revising the speech draft, practicing the oral speech repeatedly and so on, which made us achieve great self-improvement. Whatever the result of the contest was, Steve and I were more proud of each other for our progress, resulting in a closer relationship.

  On the other hand, competitions will undoubtedly tear out the friendship based on utilities. The ground for friendship of this kind is mutual usefulness which means that once one becomes useless or even harmful to another person, the friendship will accordingly break up. As a result, the rivalry between these people will cause major rifts and thus ruin this kind of friendship. A good case in point is the workplace competition. In a company, the relationship between colleges can evolve into a kind of friendship, whose foundation is based on utilities. However, rivalries for a position or bonus are likely to result in workers resenting one another, thus destroying the friendship. The underlying reason is that competitions make them become opponents instead of friends. As a result, every employee in the contest will have win at all costs" attitude. This can result in a gap between the "haves" and "have nots" that may prove to be unhealthy in internal work relations.

  In a nutshell, given the complexity the co-relation between friendship and competition is an exaggerated claim that competition between friends usually negatively impacts friendships. As a matter of fact, it hinges on the kinds of friendship you have whether rivalry between friends will cause it fall apart.




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